Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Clothes are optional...

Frog doesn't see the necessity of clothes.

Pants especially.

A quick scroll through the camera roll on my phone yields very little in the way of photos where Frog is wearing anything more than knickers on her bottom.

Today is hot and muggy and when she got out of the bath clothes were obviously not part of her plan.

It's a good thing we have no tradesmen coming today, as we have all week.

So today, clothes are optional apparently.

Until school pick up time.

I don't think the big girl could cope with a car full of nudists picking her up.

And besides... there is not enough sunscreen in the world.


  1. my daughter went from no knickers stage to wearing about 10 a day! Hate hot and muggy. Hope you are fine. I;m coming back to near normal so will go read the rest of your posts. xo

    1. Still in "no-clothes land" here! It's a good thing she's cute... ;)


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