Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

I don't get birthdays usually...
Not since Miss 10 (almost 11) decided she would make an appearance ten days after mine thus ensuring I am always in the throes of birthday cake construction planning and too busy erecting the scaffolding to care.
But I'm going to be that magical number 29 this year and I'm having a birthday.
A proper one.
One before I hit the top of the hill at 30 and my Grandma starts buying me fancy eye cream every year like she does for mum.
WonderMan and I are off to Adelaide kid free for a whole. entire. weekend.
Kudos to my boss, she said yes when I pitched the whole "if you look after ours we will look after yours" scheme. She's a cool boss.
So Happy Birthday to me it is.



  1. A happy birthday for what's left of today. Have a decent fun week end and enjoy the serenity! XO

  2. yes you do have a cool boss. I know her quite well. Have a lovely weekend thats kid free.


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