Saturday, 3 December 2011

Smurfy Saturday

I'm taking the kids to the local cinema to watch The Smurfs movie tonight.

That is, if I haven't stuck their whiny, contrary, bitchy arses in a box and posted them across the world to be someone else's problem.

Because. My. Head. Is. Going. To. Explode. 

Seriously... how many more times can I live through Frog screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!" at me because she wants something but just wants to find a reason to scream?


Tiger has completely turned her brain off along with her ears and I'm back to sobbing in corners after ten minutes with her.

I may leave my children in the cinema and run away.

So it better be good. Because if I go to all the trouble of getting these two ready and taking them out and I have to sit through something awful I may become homicidal.

So here's to The Smurfs - may you make me laugh. Because I need it. And I've been secretly wanting to see this movie since I knew they were making it, and am forever grateful that I have kids so I don't look like a complete numpty going to see it by myself.

If anyone who lives in my area wants to see it (haha.... like anyone here would actually pay attention to what I have to say) you are welcome to join us so as not to look like a numpty yourself. I promise to smuggle lollies in my giant handbag.

Cheers xx


  1. Here's hoping the Smurphs are worth it. Good luck with the sweet, little ones.

  2. It was great, and made us all smile :)

  3. NUMPTY. I don't hear that word often enough. How hard is mothering, man. HOW HARD.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog just then, really appreciate it.

  4. Thanks for visiting my little patch Eden :) And I'll admit to watching too much James May hence the "numpty"!


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