Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows....

Frog is in love...

She (finally after quite a long wait) has met her brand new cousin, who was born in rather a hurry and a bit premature. 

Yesterday little Baby came home to my mother's house, and I took the family to see her.

Not only did I have to fight my mother, my sister (Baby's mother) and my father for a cuddle. I had to fight WonderMan and the kids! 

SULKING - for good reason. I wasn't allowed to run away and hide and scream "No, she's mine bugger off!" when I had my children. And quite frankly by the time I got home I was more than happy to hand them off for a round of cuddles while I had a hot chocolate and sat on a sofa that did not feel like it was made of bricks. 

I also have no other siblings to produce babies for me to cuddle AND HAND BACK, and WonderMan's neices and nephews are bigger than Frog and therefor not interesting at all, cuddle-wise.

So this was a first for me. My niece. My one and only. And I can't remeber what she looks like because I wasn't allowed to hold her long enough to see.

First it was WonderMan, who is over 6 feet tall and pushed me out of the way like we were in a rugby scrum. He then proceeded to hold Baby out of arm's reach of all of us shorties.

Then we let Tiger sit on the couch and hold Baby. She's a pro at this after spending hours on the couch cuddled up to Frog and insisting "No Mummy, we're fine" for the first few weeks.

During all of this Frog had been loudly making her presence felt and had been given many chances to kiss and gaze at Baby. But it wasn't enough.

She had to hold Baby.

So I sat down with Frog on my lap to make sure poor Baby wouldn't get the treatment much loved Dolly does (held upside down by the feet). We cuddled, and Frog fell in love. 
I'm sure the sun could not be brighter than her little face at that moment. She was so astounded she couldn't say anything - she just giggled and gazed at Baby, every now and then doing a tiny wriggle because she had to let the excitement out somehow.

Then we had to go home.....

It is now around 48 hours since and all I have heard for those hours is "Baby MINE! Baby MIIIIINNNNEEEE! Cuddle BABY! BABY MINE!"


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