Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tinsel trees...

I have been watching as our town's Christmas decorations have been appearing in the main street, more and more each day. Scarlet bows and strings of tinsel pom poms wrapped around trees.

They make me smile as I drive through town on the school run, there's a feeling in the air now, a small charge that flits from one pair of bright eyes to another.

It feels right to be here, now. This is our home, our place in the world.

The passive aggressiveness of family... shunned as we decide to celebrate our Christmas our way, in our home, in the place we are coming to love dearly... well, it's only going to poison them in the end.

We know it hurts others that we are happy. Hurts more that we are happiest a long way away, and against all warnings and advice they so darkly offered. 

How are we to see the future if we don't open our eyes and take the leap? 

WonderMan told me the other day that my smile has come back. 

I almost burst into tears on the spot. I had thought it might never be found again.

I think he thought so too. 

I'm glad I could give it back to him.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

No FFS Here!

I was going to write a FFS Friday post for the first time in weeks.....

But as I thought about it I realised that the Wins are well and truly outweighing the Fails right now.

My budget will hit surplus next week. 


A box of wine arrived on my doorstep on Monday. What a way to start the week!

It's Friday.

We are going out tonight! 

It's the season of Christmas get togethers and socialising, and we are not at home wondering where our invitation got to... We are invited EVERYWHERE!

Frog's 24 hour bug lasted about 8 hours. She's as busy as ever again.

I can afford Christmas presents. And extra wine. And socialising. We haven't had a Christmas this secure in a very long time. 

Did I mention it's Friday?

Life is looking good right now. Whining seems so privileged and first world princessy.

NB. I wrote this on Friday. That night I was forced to rush home from our dinner out because Frog threw up and I hit the nerve in my tooth with my fork. 

Thus proving the universe has a sick sense of humour, and is almost certainly a man.

Friday, 16 November 2012

I Made It! Huzzah!

Yesterday marked the day I could eat meat again.

It was quite fortuitous because I was a guest at a local school function including "Cook your own bbq dinner".

I had the chicken.

It was.... unexciting.

But thankfully only half the size of the steaks being offered from the led steer program.

Today I feel all kinds of awful, but I think that it is more to do with weeks of buzzing around catching up with me.

The truth is I'm just not excited about eating meat again. Maybe I just won't. 

We'll see. 

But I raised $100 from my friends and family for Save The Children Australia which is awesome. Together my work team has raised almost $1000 and they are starting a second month.

It was worth all the goofy jokes from WonderMan and co.

Now I need to go and make friends with some lentils. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Our First Date

WonderMan and I went on our first date last night.

We've been engaged for five years.

We tend to do things back to front, especially the things that have typically followed a pattern for centuries.

It makes for an interesting life.

We've been trying really hard to be better to each other lately.





Trying to set an example for our girls so they know how to love and be loved.

With care, with respect, support... and lots of laughter.

We have come through the warzone of the last five years, and as we step on into a brighter future we're reaching out for each other. 

More than before.

More than ever.

Is this what love is?

I like it.

Monday, 12 November 2012

TV is making me fit

For real.

I don't normally watch a lot of tv during the week. 

But there are a number of shows I've really wanted to watch but have missed, mostly because I feel bad sitting down doing nothing while they're on. 

I can't sew when anything good is on because I keep stabbing myself in the finger with my needle while trying to do the chameleon trick with my eyes.

So I set up the cross trainer WonderMan found for me on Gumtree (our favouritest place in the whole wide second hand world) behind the couch so I can watch tv and exercise. 

The Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, QI... I'm sure that laughing while exercising is good for my abs AND my soul.
And if I've had a bad day and just want to burn out my anger without having to use my brain... there's always the TurtleMan.

 So, contrary to popular belief, television can make you skinny. 

You're welcome.