Monday, 11 July 2011


Monday is my Friday this week!

So by my reckoning, that means I get two Fridays this week...

Pity every day of the last two weeks has felt like flipping Monday! I feel like I am battling permanent Mondayitis as I wade through my ever fuller diary and try to feel in control of everything. Which I am so very not, and couldn't be more disorganised if you sent a tornado through my house and my head.

Even so I got out of bed (at the excruciating hour of 5:45am) with much enthusiasm knowing that it was my last day of week this week. By work I mean paid work.... work for which I must iron my pants, put on my face, and be on time.

WonderMan made me coffee, and Frog raced up the hallway to tell me at jet engine volume level "MUMMY! CUPPAS TIME NOW! GET UP NOW MUMMY! CUPPAS READY!" The usual.

WonderMan trotted off to work just before good old Waybuloo, meaning it was Mummy who was required to get down on the hardwood floor on her knees to do Yogo with Jojo (kitted out in some rather fetching panda pyjamas!).... I did manage to get up after my third try.

Tiger got out of bed without requiring the use of a crowbar, a sure sign that it is school holidays.

After making the obligatory quick-oats and hot chocolate milks I attempted to sit down to enjoy my second cup of caffienated joy when Frog decided that today was the day to be a complete and utter pest, beginning with refusing to use a spoon and scooping her oats into her mouth with her fingers. Although into her mouth is probably not accurate.... more dripping all over the table and making pretty patterns, with the odd oat occasionally making it's way into her mouth via her hair.

YUK. I really didn't have time to convince her to have a bath, or once she was in there to coax her out again! I pulled out the baby wipes and thanked the powers that be that I hadn't got her (or me!) dressed before brekky.

Tiger went off and got dressed in record time (again, it's definitely holidays!) and I tried to dress Frog. And tried...... and tried................. and tried................................. and tried.............

She ran away and giggled, shouted "NO! I don't like get dressed!", pulled off the pants I managed to put her in as she bolted past, and finally - ran up the hallway, yanked off her nappy and mooned me before disappearing with much hysterical toddler giggling.


I gave up and got myself ready, all the while calling out to Frog in the hope she would eventually relent and change that "NO DON'T LIKE IT!" to "Of course mummy darling, anything for you".

She did brush her teeth, but clothes were not happening.

In desperation, and with fifteen minutes to drop off the kidlets to SuperGranny and get my butt to work, I pulled out my best one armed grab, lined up her clothes and launched her into them before she knew what was going on, or had a chance to pull them off again.

You can understand why I'm glad I don't have to go to work any more this week. One morning of it exhausted me!

Tomorrow I will still be working, however I will be attired in my artistically crumpled Panda PJ's and matching bedhair - sitting at my sewing machne with WonderMan supplying coffe at regular intervals, and making sure the fire is at hearth melting temperatures all day long. Yes, you read correctly, WonderMan is at home for yet another week, after an accident in a piece of machinery today, managing to damage the muscles at the top of his neck. (I'm starting to wonder if doctors get paid a commission on WorkCover certificates because they seem to hand them out like jellybeans here.)

And if Frog doesn't want to get dressed I'm quite happy for her to rock the nude butt trend all day, as long as she's not waving it at me from the end of the hallway......

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