Friday, 8 July 2011


As I wake up today knowing when WonderMan gets home tonight I will still be working, and have four days of work to go while he stays home for the weekend..... I have a few things I am grateful for to get me through....

  • Frog did not quite cough herself to death last night and seems to be in a good mood, despite not being able to go to kindy.
  • Granny is an angel and despite being exhausted herself, she is at this minute padding the house and stocking up on wine so she can look after Frog all day and afterwards we can both have a well earned drink!
  • There is still wine in the world!
  • Now I'm working I can afford to buy some of that wine... even if I can't yet afford to live on a diet of cosmopolitans and mojitos...
  • Tiger isn't sick (YET)
  • WonderMan works normal people hours and will be able to keep the home fires burning, and make soup for me to sip while moaning about bed when I drag myself home each day.
  • I have dry work clothes and at this point my tumble dryer still works, so none of us will be going naked in this freezing bastard weather
  • It doesn't snow here
  • There's only 1 1/2 months left of winter
  • I don't have to work in the rain, I work in a warm cosy shop and all i have to do is press one whole button to stay warm all day instead of cutting down my neighbours trees and smothering myself in whale blubber....
  • It's school holidays after today which means sleeping in (depending on Frog of course) and only getting out of my pyjamas if it is esential I go down the street or to work. Visitors will find me curled up on the couch for two weeks and are welcome to make their own coffee, raid the biscuit tin, and join me in their fluffly tweety bird feet slippers!
So I'm grateful for all these things... but most of all I'm grateful that although I have a cold.... I do NOT at this point have man flu.... and I'm hoping if I show enough gratefulness and humility the Fates will keep it that way....

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  1. Great made me laugh! I'm with you 110% (if that's possible) on the "freezing bastard weather!" A month-and-a-half may as well be a lifetime at this point.....maybe i need to make a grateful list. Nice to have you back!
    Dressology HQ


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