Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You Guys Make My World Go Round

Seriously, you all rock, in a mega way.

Every one of you who takes the time to read my crazed ramblings on an (almost) daily basis. Everyone who doesn't run away screaming when you see my gazillion Facebook status updates. Who listen to me bear my soul, pour out my heart and laugh life shit at the snooty people I meet everyday.

The ones who rock up on my doorstep in the afternoon, knowing that what I told you was only half the truth, with a bag of groceries in hand and a smile on your face.

The ones who pop up and say "HI!" when you feel like you must have relocated to Mars due to lack of human contact.

The ones who make stupid faces at you through the window as they drive past.... or crack you up while they scan you're shopping at the supermarket, making you laugh so hard you almost pee, which is better than a pill from the doctor any day.

The ones who hold your hand when things are tough. Who don't waste words with no meaning, just give you a squeeze that says it all, and don't mind if you snot on their good shirt.

The ones who appreciate your kids, and assure you that they are mpre beautiful, intelligent, and downright funny than any others (except their own of course!)

The ones who know what I mean when I shout "Hey dickhead, beers tonight? I will charcoal something for us to dine on, sweeeeeeet"

The ones who are just quietly there, that I might not seem to notice, believe me I do. You are every day in my heart, and I just want to say I love you.

The ones who fall off their chairs with you while watching Rodney Carrington. (If you have never fallen off your chair watching this you have a heart of stone.)

The ones who pick you up when you fall over in your stacked heels you insisted on wearing, despite the fact that there were $3 cocktails and you had to walk a kilometre to home...

The ones who don't snigger at you when they rock up and you are in your pamda pyjamas, but want to know where you got them so they can rock it bedhead style just like you.

You know who you are.... but you might not know just how much you mean to me.


Just thought you should know xx

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