Monday, 8 August 2011

Some days....

... I just want to walk away...

Today is one of those days. And it's just hit 8:40am.

It starts with WonderMan, who in so many ways is a wonderman but in the most irritating and stupid little ways is most definitely failing at his title.

Like shutting the garden gate when he walked through it yesterday. As I was making my morning cup of coffee I looked out the window and there is the damn gate, standing open, as it has been all night. This is is the same man who does this on a regular basis and is still puzzled as to how our dog got out and was hit by a car. *grumble*

Then I looked a little bit around the kitchen and realised, he hadn't even put the few little things away from making dinner last night. Or from making his breakfast. *groan*

It's not like he was in a rush. For the first time in months we could afford to register both our cars again and he was driving himself, meaning he had at least half an hour more at home. So he arsed about and annoyed me instead of doing something as simple as picking up after himself. Because in my current burnt-out over-worked state I really needed someone to irritate me first thing in the morning, or more slaving away in my domestic hell *swear words*

Frog came next with an insistence that she shout at Tiger everytime she moved, and then cried her eyes out while following me around the house when I told her to stop. This happened at least twenty times in an hour. *scream*

Tiger decided to completely push the last nerve I had by announcing "I can't find my runners."

*big deep breath*

I asked where she had taken them off last and she said "At my friend's house". The one over 100kms away, where she stayed for the weekend. So I asked what shoes she had worn home, oh the other ones, righto..... so where are your runners? "At my friend's house". You didn't think you should put them back in your suitcase? "I forgot". Right. *fume*

I only bought those runners about four weeks ago.

Then she brought out her lunchbox which had been sitting in her school bag all weekend. And some crumpled notes about parent-teacher interview bookings, only the interviews are happening TONIGHT and I was supposed to book a week ago.  *groan*

Then she announced she was ready and I realised she was wearing a pair of her best jeans, a dirty school t-shirt, and no jumper. Where are your school pants hmmm? "I dunno. Can't find any." So I opened the drawer and got some out. And a clean t-shirt. Where is your jumper? "I dunno." One is in the wash, I know this because I pulled it out of the machine this morning and it's still waiting to go on the line. Where's the other one? "Probably in the lost property bin at school" Why on earth would it "probably" be there? "Because I left it in the playground." For the millionth time. *more fuming*

So not only has she lost a school jumper, it's not even the one I that is too small that I am handing on to a friend, it's the one I bought less than three weeks ago, at a phenominal cost because apparently putting a teeny tiny logo on a blue jumper triples the price.   *scream*

So now I have to replace TWO jumpers, not one. And I have to do it today because she can't continue to go to school in the rain without a jumper. And I have to add to that a pair of runners because, according to the phone call I just received, the ankle boots I forced her to wear this morning (after I stopped shrieking) are inappropriate school wear. I did happen to mention the fact that I thought runners were inappropriate and school uniform policy stated black school shoes, but I was informed everyone wears them because they have fitness everyday, and it's too much trouble to get them to change their shoes. Which makes a joke of the whole school uniform policy. But that's one of my rants best saved for another time.

So basically, this morning has been a complete and utter waste of the two weeks work I just did because I now have to fork it all out to replace things that should not need to be replaced. Forgive me for crying my eyes out, because I worked so hard over the last two weeks I actually reached full melt down-burn out and had to spend a whole day in bed where it was too much effort to read the newspaper or turn over. It was agony, and I'm still trying to recover.

I feel like my family delights in making my life as miserable and slave like as possible. And I can tell you that at this point, I really do just want to walk away, because Frog just took off her nappy for the hundreth time today, has spread the entire jar of sultanans I left on the bench all over the kitchen floor, I have an entire fortnights worth of washing waiting to dry and it's raining.

I don't care how much I love them, some days it's just too much.


  1. Know what you mean, i have a 2 year old and im on my own, i just realised yesterday that I spend the whole day with my teeth grit, no wonder i get headaches.


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