Friday, 2 September 2011

A Rare Day At Home

Wednesday was my first proper day off in several weeks.

After finishing my work contract, and only having two days to work at my first job this week, I was enjoying the heck out of a day where I didn't have to rush anywhere, or meet a deadline.

With Tiger off to school, Frog and I did the housework.

Frog picked up all the clothes and put them in the laundry. "I helping mummy, I helping washing!" "I make-a my beeeed, I big helping." All this powered by her glimpse of Tiger's Zhu Zhu pet, and my crafty promise that if she helped mummy and daddy she would get one too.

After picking up all her toys, she went outside and played with Wombat (the dog) while I did the other rooms. She insisted on taking her wooden dolly (waiting for a house, which is probably going to magically appear at Christmas time) to "play outside da sunny shine!"

When she wandered back in (I even managed a cup of coffee by myself!) I asked her what she wanted to to for the day and she said "I make-a bikkies."

So we went to the shop, and came home with the ingredients and some mini m &m's for "belly buttons for gingerbwed mans".

And then we made gingerbwed mans.

"I mixit da bikkies!"

Roly poly roly poly

Is baby mans!

All the hard work paid off! YUM
She was the most patient I have ever seen a toddler in my life. She mixed, she rolled, she cut, and she waited for those "mans" to come out of the oven.

I let her eat one while the other trays were baking, because she kept telling me the "baby mans not hot now mummy" and making cute faces as a hint.

All the time she held on to the tube of baby m&m's so she could put on the belly buttons.

And yes, she stuck on all those eyes and buttons for me.

Then we delivered a "gweat big gingerbwed mans" to WonderMan, just because we could. She was the proudest kid on earth when she handed over that paper bag.

And when we arrived home, this happened...

She was snoring WAY louder than it looks
Great-great aunty says she's ready to be initiated into pasty making now. That's when you stop being a baby in our family. *bless*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later that evening, Tiger went to her school disco. Her first time with the "big kids" (upper primary). Here's why I cried:

My little girl ~ Not so little
She's only nine.... but my little girl is gone...


She still wanted me to walk her to the door, and I still got a goodbye kiss.

It's not so bad after all, is it?

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