Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Smiles Make The World Go Round

I just want to let you all know that I DO read every single one of your beautiful comments. I appreciate all your kind words, your care, your love and support. Everytime you speak to me you make my world brighter.

Blogger is spazzy and claims I "do not have the authority to view this page" every time I try to reply through my comments. Offers of help via step-by-step-instructions-because-I-am-a-geek-in-training of how to migrate to WP would be gratefully accepted, and may also include random deliveries of chocolate.


Some random things that make me smile:

My dog, Wombat.

Hanging my sheets on the line instead of putting them in the dryer.

The beautiful fresh smell of sunshiney sheets.

A freshly made bed.

Trains. Especially puffing huffing steam engines. I asked my mum for a steam train calendar for Christmas... she thinks I'm nuts.

When people on trains wave back to me. Even when I am on my own, and shout "Look kids, there's a train!" like an idiot....

A mocha from my local cafe - they are divine.

A friend I never thought I would find - one who doesn't mind if you say "I'm shit today, how are you?", and LISTENS. She's a gem.

The constant stream of random talk from Frog "Hey, it's a my pencils, and my colouring, I puttem my room. Hey itsa Wombat witha sore leg, I take him doctors make his leg aaaall betta. Hey naughty crocodile don't snap me! Mummy I wuv you. You havea squishy nose. Daddy at work, where's daddy?" And so on.....

The minute when Tiger walks in from school, and WonderMan walks in from work. I am almost always as excited as Frog. It's even better when I walk in from work and everyone rushes to greet me!

The Ikea catalogue.

Finding stuff I need on sale, right when I need it.


Tweets from my peeps - thankyou :)

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