Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hey, It's Okay!

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 It's okay:

To avoid Facebook now that's it's changed again. I can't find anything, nothing is in order, and I keep missing important stuff because "Facebook doesn't think I will find it interesting".

To try to attach hastags to everything I type because I've discovered how cool Twitter is. #hashtags = #awesome.

To avoid shifting most of our stuff by having a garage sale and visiting Ikea on our way though the city with the moving truck. SMART.

To really be doing this because I'm sick and tired of my crappy old furniture and it depresses me when I look at lovely houses to rent and then imagine my yukky, seriously second hand, so odd it can't even be called ecclectic furniture in them. Yuk.

To have never visited Ikea but already be addicted to it. I may melt from the excitement of my first visit.

To still be cranky about dog hair in my laundry because $1000 dog has been upgraded to an indoor suite post hip operation.

To get a cleaner because WonderMan is about to go away until the new year... and if I have to do the dishes myself there is no way NO WAY I will be able to cope without some form of help.

To ask the cleaner if she does dishes.

To aboslutely and completely loathe dishes.

To put a dishwasher on my house hunting list.

To consider eating my daily calorie intake as m&m's as long as I don't go over.

To accompany my m&m's with a suitable wine.

To hate people who don't drive according to the road rules. How on earth do 99% of people in this country get their licence?


  1. IKEA is just pure domestic erotica for me. And if I'm eating M&M's while inside an IKEA store, that's as close to Heaven as it gets xxx


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