Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Ikea Edition

Yep, you heard right, I finally went to Ikea.

It was heaven, in a big blue bag...

WonderMan has been laughing at my obsession with the Ikea catalogue, especially my distress when I realised they wouldn't send one to Hicksville and I would have to make do with online. Online?? Don't they understand the insane pleasure of flipping through glossy pages filled with joy?

After an intervention from my cousin who gave me TEN COPIES of my very own, I have hardly put it down and have been counting days until our weekend shopping trip.

On the weekend I packed the car, packed the kids, and remembered to pick WonderMan up along the way to the city, four hours away. We stayed with my cousin and her gorgeous family, which meant the kids entertained each other, while we adults (oh and WonderMan too) could enjoy a beer with fruit in.

That's right, classy beer. I'm in love.

Saturday was planned quite simply - I didn't care what anyone else did I was going shopping.

And I did.


And then some more.

And I bought home several pairs of shoes. Just because I could.

Best sandals EBBER!

Oh yeah... I did.... WM stopped whining about that point...

After filling up half the car I decided to fill it up some more by visiting Ikea on our way back across the city.

WonderMan was giving me the "why is this so bloody important look as he pulled us up into a car park right across from the front door. How the hell does he do that?

It was a different story once we got to the best revolving door in the universe.

"This is the coolest door ever, I love Ikea!"

The words "I told you so..." didn't even register as he beamed up at the escalator and took off while I was trying to find my list (yeah, I had a list, because my credit card would have melted if I hadn't)

By this stage we had cranky kids and I just wanted to get in and get out, but no, WonderMan bounced on every bed, sat on every chair, and poked in all the little set up kitchens, exclaiming "Look at how everything fits! This is soooo cool!" At every opportunity.

We let the kids pick a new bedspread each, but there seemed to be some extra things in my trolley...

A WonderMan discovery.
He found a nightlamp for Frog - "This is so cute, she needs a lamp...."

Yes, they are those "weird" lamps
As well as the lamps he told me were "weird" and "stupid" at various times, until he saw them in the display and said "There's those cool lamps!" Heh.

His babies.
 Oh yes, he's most excited about these. I have been going on and on about trying to find nice, smallish canisters so I can keep my coffee and stuff on the windowsill instead of the pantry, and he found the perfect jars.

He gets excited every single time he sees them, and repeats inane things like "They are really cool jars, wasn't I clever finding them?"

I generally pat him on the shoulder (i can't reach his head, unless I wear my new heels...) and murmur praise, which keeps him basking in the glow of his own cleverness and I can nick off quietly...

His only complaint? When we got to the stand of kitchen timers someone (ahem - cousin of mine) had already set them all before he got there!

So all in all, a successful weekend. Now if you will excuse me, I have some classy beer to enjoy......


  1. Love the shoes~!!! I am desperate to get to Ikea! you have fueled it with the cool canisters!! Am going to organise a trip soon!!

  2. O.M.G. It is the most fabulous place... I could spend days in there! I have my eye on a red couch which I have let the kids bounce on while we were there to see if it would stand up to it :P


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