Friday, 11 November 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday!

Hellooooooo Friday!

It's been a freaking long week.... so here's a big internets *wave* to Dear Baby G who caught my eye with her first ever FFS Friday, and has allowed us to join in once we bribed her with the promise of sharing a bar space in March. 

There is never a shortage of things that cause me to  scream like a banshee mutter "FFS..."

Some random ones this week include:

WonderMan came home for the weekend AFTER I had mowed all the lawns. FFS.

He also brought TWO bags of washing with him. FFS.

He bugged me about that washing for two days when I had my own washing to do. FFS.

After he left I found all his weekend clothes in the laundry basket. He will no doubt ring me in a week wanting his shorts and stuff so he can play cricket or GO TO THE PUB because it's raining or something. FFS.

I had to go to dance practice on Sunday, and he promised to get up early so I wouldn't miss pancake breakfast. He didn't. FFS.

Frog ate all my Subway macadamia cookies that I brought back after dance, and I had to eat raspberry. FFS. 

The World Championship Speedway Sidecar titles are on this weekend... and I am broke as usual. FFS.

    After many weeks of feeling like I'm about to come down with a cold, I felt better yesterday and today I KNOW I have a cold. FFS.

After spending the last couple of years battling against the financial tide, and managing to come out the other side on a good footing.... TELSTRA handed on a bill I have been paying off regularly, with no reminder notice and no warning, to the debt collectors and officially fucked my credit rating, just as we are starting to get somewhere. BASTARDS. FFS.

 I have been booked up for work only on the days I have no childcare for Frog. FFS!

Dear Baby G 

Go on, link up, let it out, it's cheaper than MOFO therapy!

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