Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hey It's Okay!

It's another round of Hey It's OK! Tuesday over here:


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Today it's OK to...

...want a wardrobe like Kim Kardashian's and bugger the husband!

...wish some of my excess thighs would trickle down and even out my legs.... or at least lengthen them a little while I sleep.

...be pissed off at WonderMan for not sitting down and having the "So how much am I going to get paid?" talk with his new boss. Because I just discovered it's less than the last one, with no days off and no perks. 

...lock the doors, turn off the lights and go to bed with my laptop to avoid random packs of half drunk teenagers trick or treating. Last year some little punk threatened me after I said I didn't participate. Not cool.

...have a packet of licorice bullets hidden in my bedside drawer. 

...want to hot wire some little punked up hoons stereos so when they play doof doof music their seats zap their arse.

...want Frog to stop screaming at EVERYTHING.

...be disappointed I haven't managed to collect the whole Discworld series before Snuff was released. Economic factors (ie being broke) beat me in the end.

...not get everything done, because I know that it is me who hasn't done it. I cannot stand delegating or sharing jobs with others who don't get them done on time or properly. This is why living with the Procrastination King drives me wild!

...sing along with my stereo very loudly and very badly. 


  1. Nat! are we going to exert physical violence on your husband. I think it is OK to!

  2. PS. keep hiding and eating your bullets! xx

  3. You sound so like me when Mr J is away working. Laptop in bed, chocolate or lollies.

    Hubby needs a wupping!

    Don't worry about your jobs, they will all be there tomorrow. Go to bed with the said laptop and bullets instead!

  4. My husband LOVES the Discworld series, his favourites are The Night Watch ones! I've read one or two and they are totally fun and super addictive!

  5. HAHA! I know he needs a slap occasionally, because he can be just plain stupid, but then I have to remember he's young, he's gorgeous, and I do love him despite what it may seem sometimes!

    Ooh Daisy! So nice to find another Discworld fan!

  6. I wish I had her body to go along with the clothes lol :c)

  7. Singing along with the radio is very ok! It is how I survive witching hour!

    Also hiding licorice bullets is a great idea. Lmowingnmynluck though my kids would discover them!

  8. *knowing my luck.* typing to fast to catch up on all the IBOT posts!

  9. would love the same to happen to my legs! ;o)

    here's to hoping your wednesday is a much better day! :o)

  10. I'd like Kim's body but not her clothes. She wears too many animal print stuff and it's not my style.


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