Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hey, It's Okay!

Another Tuesday, another linky with the delightful Whispering Writer 

 I like being okay about things, I like being cool, calm and collected, totally ZEN, ya know?

I'm hopeless at it. 

So I love Amber's Hey It's Okay linky, it reminds me to be chilled for, oh, at least ten minutes a week.

It's okay to......

.... like purple Powerade, which means I frequently can be found at ballet lessons sporting a stunning purple tongue. 

.... pretend this is the ONLY reason the ballet mummies look at me funny.

..... believe in the chance of winning the lottery as a way of keeping my sanity.

.... forget to write a letter to WonderMan all week.

.... count the days until our big move and frequently freak out over how little I have done vs the amount of time left to do it in.

.... be a little pissed that not one of my friends (other than one who is booked up) have offered to babysit Frog for a lousy 3 hours while I work one Saturday morning. Yet I would move heaven and earth to help them if they were stuck like this.

.... vow never to help out another person in this damn place ever again.

.... admit I like part numbers, and cataloging, even I am working for my parents for free. I'm good with numbers, and motorbike bits. Just don't ask me to actually BUILD one.

.... eat a punnet of strawberries for lunch. They're healthy right? And soooo yummy!
.... wish they were choc mint cake pops.

Mmmmmm..... cake pops.......


  1. Totally agree with the strawberries for lunch. I often have strawberries + chocolate for lunch (after the kids are in bed, so they can't see my 'example')

  2. Blue powerade is my favourite, so I guess that makes me a blue tongue lizard?

    The mummies at ballet lookmat me funny too, but I think that's cause they all seem to know each other, and I just drop off and pick up these days.

  3. Hmmm, ballet mummies. I've had that experience too, was never part of the clique. I was quietly relieved when my girls didn't want to do it anymore.

  4. Red powerade is my poison. Yum!
    I've never had cake pops but they sound delicious. Please don't tell me anymore about them because I am trying to lose weight - and cake pops don't really sound conducive to that purpose :)

  5. @ Jess and Jayne - it would be ok if I was just dropping of and running.... but when you are teaching their darlings a purple tongue does not help your credibility! LOL

    @Daisy - they are sooo not good for diets. But one every now and then would be ok - it's like a mouthful sized ball of mud cake smothered in chocolate... on a stick.... mmmm.... oh sorry..... no they are terrible and you wouldn't like them at all AT ALL i tell you!

    Good luck with your diet, no thanks to me!

  6. So glad I'm not the only one with a Powerade obsession :)

  7. When I was pregnant (and they were in season) I would eat a punnet of strawberries with double custard to myself EVERY day. Totes healthy ;-)


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