Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Thighs Have Headed South for the Summer

It's spring - (or fall in the North) the season of migrations all over the globe. And not to be outdone, my thighs have decided to join in.

It's generally known that I'm not happy with my weight but, I'm one of those silly people that believes broken biscuits contain no calories, and if I stand up while drinking my mocha the fat can't pool in my buttocks.

But I've been working on it.

Dance has helped, a lot. I'm definitely fitter than I was back in March.

I lost the flow with my Zumba around the time I started TWO jobs at the same time, and I'm only just getting back into the groove. Sometimes somethings gotta give, and it will always be there when I get more organised.

Gone are the lollies I used to stash in my bedside drawer, and my diet tracker app on my snazzy iPhone is helping me keep a steady calorie intake and reminds me to drink more water and exercise regularly.

And tada! I have lost weight!

Which was a surprise to me, because I've been feeling heavier, and more "blobby" for the last few weeks.

I have noticed the loss of fat around my middle, which just means my muffin top is saggier because the skin hasn't tightened up yet (my fault... not an big ab crucnching fan!)

But I measured my thighs last night and they are fatter. 

Holy mother of bullshit! How did that happen?

Even my generous bingo wings have shrunk... but oh no... not MY DAMN THIGHS.

This is making me unbelievably stabby.

I look like a chicken on steroids. Flapping my wings and running around on my supersized drumsticks with piddly little stick legs underneath. Without even supersized breasts to keep my thighs company.

And what's worse is my dance concert is about three weeks away.... I am going to be on stage in tights.


 I am forced to assume that the fat from my arms and stomach has migrated, like the buffalo and the ducks.

Well it can just bloody well migrate somewhere else. FAST. 


  1. Good for you on some progress! I've got to start working out again. It will be the only thing to get me through the damn holidays!

  2. Well, congrats on losing some weight.

    My legs always look fat. I ought to tone them or something.

  3. hahaa I laughed out loud at this post. I hate when my body plays mean tricks like that. It's hard enough trying to stay one step ahead of the kids without my body being an arse as well!


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