Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

I love Thankful Thursday!

It's like a big self-kick-in-the-butt making me stop whining and love the things that matter.
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 Things to be thankful for this week include:

Being called for extra work days. 

WonderMan's bestie who is falling over himself to look after Frog on Saturday morning, and who I should have asked from the start, instead of freaking out about finding a babysitter.

Managing the budget juggle and still being able to afford a coffee after I fork out $180 for ballet costumes tonight.

Only having to pay $180 for 3 costumes each for me and Tiger, because oh lordy are some of the ballet schools I've looked at pretentious. And mortgage-your-children expensive! We are so damn lucky.

The baby niece being asleep and getting to open the shop by myself so I could tidy the desk and check mum's reconcilliation without anyone looking over my shoulder and frowning.

Being old enough to recognise when it's not a good idea to tell your mother if she did her paperwork a little less haphazardly she wouldn't struggle with it so much...

Still having my head because I kept my mouth shut.

Having a father who owns a small engines workshop so my lawn mower always runs perfectly. ALWAYS.

Having a lawn to mow which will make me skinny (well it will help).

Have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. Well darn it - they are all bloody good things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the giggle you gave me :) xx

  2. Fantastic things to be thankful for. Also could you come and mow my lawn because it is dire need of a snip?

  3. Fantastic things to be thankful for. Also could you come and mow my lawn because it is dire need of a snip?

  4. Don't get me started on the price of ballet costumes - ours is crazy and it's just to HIRE them for the concert.

  5. @Sonia - you're welcome ;) thanks for stopping by!

    @Marita - will you bake me cookies? If so... I will definitely mow your lawn :)

    @Alex - you have to HIRE them? Woah! Ours are lovingly made by our dance teacher, her mum and daughters each year, more than 2000 costumes since last week of Term III. And we get to keep them, which means they can be used for dance classes next year, or get added to our fab dress up box!

  6. Hahaha Natalie thanks for the giggle! Very glad you've still got your head. Wise woman you are.

  7. Your mum sounds an awful lot like my mum ;)


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