Friday, 2 December 2011

FFS Friday - the "Why Won't You Listen To Me?" Edition

Why can't you all just OBEY me??

Why won't you listen to me?

Just do what I asked!
For Fucks Sake!!

This is what a normal day at Casa Del Natalie sounds like.

Today was no exception.

Welcome to FFS Friday.


Today Tiger finally broke a months long morning habit and got ready quickly, with no fuss and  without having to be reminded, pushed, ordered or generally hurried up at all.
Frog ate her muesli one piece at a time with her fingers and then slowed down after that.

I remembered I had offered to take my baby niece off mum's hands this morning.... forgetting that I was also having her this evening. And when I raced over there so I wouldn't be late she was asleep, and I had to wait around for an hour.

WonderMan rang to ask me what he was supposed to do with forms he got from me ten days ago and should be at their destination already. And could he have some more money, even though he spent his budget already + some.

At dance classes yesterday everything happened. Mums were tizzy, kids wouldn't listen. And then one puked. And the first thing I grabbed to wipe her up was my jumper.

So along with all the general dance night run around, picking up my baby niece and dropping her off with Frog, and devils in tutus, I got to wash a toilet with wet paper towels as well. And the floor as well.

My phone has been out of service ALL FREAKING DAY. So has my internet.

It was out from 9am until 5pm. Do you know how long a day is without Twitter?? Very, ve-ry LONG.

Frog has been in full force contrary mode all day. And has perfected the art of wanting and not wanting something at the same time, and sometimes not even knowing what it is she wants/doesn't want at any given second. She doesn't let that stop her though.

It is ten pm, and she has just fallen asleep, in my bed. For the third time this week.

There is beer in the fridge, and there are funny things for me to look up on the internets.

Good night!

PS - You should totally go HERE and visit Sarah at Dear Baby G
She is all kinds of awesome.

Dear Baby G


  1. I have missed your FFS Fridays! Frog is gorgeous! I know there are Instagram pictures to prove this. Umm cleaning up other kids spew that is not your own is not cool at all, poor you. Tell WM that HB is going to tell him all about how to set up twitter when he gets home xx

  2. Well, I hope that things improve. Doesn't sound like they could get much worse.

  3. @Sarah - oh lordy...... WonderMan with Twitter would be like giving a toddler a hammer and saying "don't break anything"

    @ArtyMarti I had a big laugh about it all while I was writing it, so it's not so bad :)


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