Saturday, 18 February 2012

For Fucks Sake Friday - The Valentines Edition

Valentines? What valentines? FFS. It was my birthday this week. I got: NOTHING FFS. We're broke again. FFS. The turtle doesn't like it's turtle food. It's fussier than the toddler. FFS. Despite much trying I managed to do zero housework and zero baking today. FFS. Frog went to sleep at school pick up as usual, and stayed asleep until 7pm. According to her, it's tomorrow already. FFS. Our dog never barks and is zero trouble. Next door has a dog that barks half the night. I know because their back verandah is at my top bedroom window height and if turn over in bed the fucker starts with the barking. FFS. It's Tigers birthday in nine days and so far I have printed the invites. FFS. I volunteered for a daycare market day and WonderMan sends me a text saying he's working this weekend. FFS. He only sent it after it was too late to ring and say I couldnt make it. FFS. He could tell me this but didn't bother to say he would be late home so I've been in anxiety land all evening. FFS. He had all the money and I needed to go to the shops to get stuff for tea. FFS. The kids ate sultanas and anything else I could scrounge and I made a whatever I could find pasta at 9pm after waiting for him. FFS. He doesn't get why I'm so upset at him. FFS. He's gone off 1000kms away tonight, and won't be back until Sunday night at the earliest. FFS. He's going somewhere he doesn't know, doing this job for the first time and the new boss has told him if he makes a mistake it's his job. FFS. Mums making me feel terrible about her coming up here for Tigers birthday next weekend. Because somehow it is further from there to here then from here to there. FFS. I got a letter from her for my birthday and all she did was whine about her hard life. I struggled not to rip it up. FFS. I'm typing this on my iPhone because my laptop charger does after working perfectly this morning. FFS. Even though it's being replaced for free it will take a week to get here. FFS. Frog has come up with some kind of UTI and is howling non stop, and I can't do anything about it at 1:12am. FFS. The stupid cat is back again yowling at my door. FFS. It's Saturday already, this kid won't sleep and the dog next door has started barking again. FFS. I have no chocolate. FFS. Linked up with Dear Baby G.


  1. Is it possible to sic your mum onto Wonderman?

    That would solve three problems:
    A) He gets vented at by someone other than you
    B) Your mum has someone to vent at
    C) You can ignore them both...

    Probably not helpful - but then, it's 12:30am here and I have a serious case of baby-brain & soapy-eyes from staring at spreadsheets all day *headdesk*

    1. Oh I would if I could. But it's unlikely, even though I get to deal with his pushy mother :P

      Poor you! Hope you got some sleep eventually x

  2. I just realized it didn't put in any of my line breaks.. Sheesh. Sorry for the crappy reading!

  3. Had to delete what I really wanted to say but hope that all is now well in the Sanity household....xo


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