Sunday, 19 February 2012

Losing An Arm and various other events...

Its been two days and I need my new laptop charger now. NOW PLEASE. It's really starting to get to me. My iPhone is great but there are so many things that are difficult, or just plain impossible to do with it. Although it seems to be simple to lose half a blog post... As I discovered ten minutes ago... It performs that function quite well. I am also struggling with making it put my line breaks in, so there's posts read like I'm frothing and twitching and raving like a madwoman. Although... I have been known to look like that occasionally... When speaking to people from call centres where Common Sense is definitely not their first language. Im also badly overachieving. My ironing is looking swamped by the basket, not the other way around. I've baked multiple batches of yumminess and even managed to put dinner on early tonight. I made it to my sewing machine and have stitched up a storm. Plans for Tigers birthday are well under way. But I'm also getting quite niggly. Especially at WonderMan. Who simply refuses to believe that I'm niggly because he's being an arse and instead insists I am on a permanent PMS trip or pregnant. Fat chance of THAT lover boy... If you can't open the dishwasher I can't open my lady garden... Simple. These things annoy me all the time but are exacerbated by my inability to find something else to do. I have books but it's hard to pretend I'm working when I've got my feet up on the coffee table and my coffee in hand perusing the leaves. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to code the line breaks in. Just reading these posts is making me edgy. I kept forgetting to pause and take a breath. I would do dark and terrible things to have that laptop charger in my hands right now...


  1. Bloody men.. arrogant pricks! I won't go any further but you know what I mean...
    Now, a question. What did you do to get your comments already open on the bottom of you post?
    I would love to do this on mine.
    Hope all is well and that you are happy with your move. xo

  2. I went into my settings and set them to "embedded" so they are part of the post. That way the new reply system works :)

    1. Thank you. I tried that and no luck but I think Blogger hates me!

  3. Sorry, no phone charger can I supply, but you did win a book on my blog! Send me your details at claireyhewitt At gmail . Com and it will be coming your way.

  4. Oooh wow! How exciting! Thanks :)


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