Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Of biscuits and playgrounds, and new additions.

Come say hi...

His Name is "Splash".

He is teeny weeny and his habitat cost me more than a day's pay.

I am forgiving him because he has amazing powers of toddler sleep coercion.

This weekend was a little bit shit. Especially Sunday.

Tiger pushed every button I had and then hit the "Lose your freaking mind" one to top it all off. After a mild explosion we took a big deep breath and made some biscuits.

And we took some to the park, just because.

Fresh air made me feel better. But I can't go on the swings because A) my legs are too short and it's an unknown risk asking WonderMan to gently push me so I can swing, and B) I've discovered it puts pressure on my broken butt, and then I can't walk. This made me sad. It didn't stop WM having a good go though.

Frog made some random friends.

We went walking...

We went garage sale hunting...

And this made me giggle enough to shift some of my funk, before I went back to work today.

I'm still giggling. 

Happy Monday.


  1. Biscuits look good! Have a good week.

  2. Please send biscuits.
    Looks like hard work and fun :-)

    1. Oh dear... i forgot to post some to you... ;)

  3. "amazing powers of toddler sleep coercion"? I'm so in. Off to get a tiny turtle now. Love your blog!


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