Sunday, 5 February 2012

What do you mean it's Sunday again?

I didn't even notice Friday... 

And I've managed to miss a couple of days of blogging yet again, so I'm falling back into this odds and ends routine I'm trying to hard to shake... I need a little consistency but the days just pass me by in a flurry.

I am composing a plethora of posts and ideas in my mind, mostly while I vacuum. The soothing hum and just enough noise to drown out the kids shrieking is the perfect atmosphere for daydreaming and creativity. 

I need a portable voice recorder to take down my ramblings at a moment notice. In fact, my iPhone undoubtably does this so I should really work out how to use it to avoid the blank spaces that appear when I've finished the housework and sit in front of the computer.

Because I can tell you, the posts I write while I'm scrubbing the shower are freaking awesome.

That just never make it to here. 


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