Friday, 16 March 2012

For Fucks Sake Friday - the please don't annoy me edition

Oh the joy that comes with having a crack at my week and having one big whinge-fest so I can move the fuck on and enjoy the weekend.

Thanks to Dear Baby G for making this possible.

So what has given me the shits this week?

I waited four weeks for a replacement charger for my laptop and the universe proved me completely right when it turned up four hours after I bought one for the grand total of $70. Ouch. FFS.

I had so many emails in my inbox when I opened it I considered shutting it off and hiding said charger in the hope they would go away. FFS.

After wading through I decided to start catching up on some blog reading..... but after two hours my google reader had zillions of posts still to go, so I took a deep breath and deleted everything after yesterday, meaning I've probably missed the most fantastic post of the week. FFS.

WonderMan is still away. FFS.

He has to take 24hours away from the truck every six days, so he has been coming home to spend Sundays with us. That 24hours just makes me and the kids miss him more. FFS.

Mum hasn't been talking to me all week and I had no idea why. I rang her last night and despite talking to her for an hour I still have no idea what she had the huffs on about. FFS.

I have had high hopes for the last couple of days but they seem determined to prove me wrong within minutes of getting out of bed, and then continue the downward spiral until even the best cheery outlook is seriously wavering. FFS.

I got ALL the lonely customers today, determined to tell me their life story, and my colleague got all the good looking men with sexy foreign accents. FFS.

I kept making silly, ridiculous mistakes and just couldn't shake off the stupid. FFS.

I put the bin out on Tuesday and managed to trip on the driveway (yes, talented, I KNOW) and split my little toe open. Thankfully no stitches... but I felt seriously stupid. FFS.

I'm not sure "I need him for bin duty because I'm an uncoordinated dipshit" will be enough to get WonderMan's work to keep him closer to home. FFS.

Never mind, tomorrow is a new day, and it may even have cookies in it.


Dear Baby G


  1. Love it. I mean, totally sympathise and all that - but love it all the same, heh.

    If I was the boss of the universe, that would absolutely be a valid reason for Wonderman to take emergency leave AND work from home.

    Also, I am home to the stupid. The stupid and the unco-ordinated. Welcome to my world.

    1. So can I be your "Boss of the Universe" campaign chief? I am happy to take wages in wine, which I will of course share.

  2. another stupid unco here too! I refuse to put our bins out anymore after one of them fell on top of me and I rolled down the driveway with it. I'm thankful to have a 13yr old that does it when HB's away though. Do you know I still don't know what a Google reader is or how to organise my twitter lists? You are far more intelligent than me :)

    1. Teenagers are so useful - although I'm not hurrying up my tween at all because I'm just.not.ready!

      I avoided all mention of Google Reader, and all sorts of stuff and one day I just went "how hard can it be?" and pressed the "View in Google Reader button. It opens a new page with all blogs I'm subscribed too (a GAZILLION!) and lists newest post first. You literally scroll down, read the post and as you get to the end it marks it as read and you scroll on to the next one! It's brilliant, and leaves more time for me to google random crap on the interwebs :)


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