Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lookit what I Did!

Combined with my social ineptitude, embarrassing shyness and a tendency to overshare I am a secret show off. 

And WonderMan doesn't do the whole enthusiastic excitement thing very well (although he is working on it).

So I'm counting on you to "ooh" and "aaah" in a suitably impressed manner. OK?

This week I:

Made a new handbag;

Finally sewed up a dress I've had cut out in the cupboard for weeks;

Whipped up a quick skirt with some of my vintage fabric;

Played around with a prototype design for coffee cozies;

Tried my hand at trifle;
Constructed a tower burger and ate it all;

and went meat free two nights this week including this new recipe (Red Rice and vegetables) which Tiger had TWO HELPINGS OF *faint*;

*Pause for your raptuous applause*



(If you are doing the slow clap right now I will be quite cross.)

*Takes a bow*
And now, I shall exit stage left, to the tones of your amazed "oohs" and "aaahs" as we discussed earlier.


  1. Ooh, Aah! ;)
    What a productive week. Bloody good on you.

  2. Wow...lots of stuff! Love the dress!

    1. A very productive week :) I love the dress too, it makes me feel gorgeous :)

  3. Puts my week's efforts of Kylie concert/work/coconut cake/haircut to shame...

    1. Ah but you see, I haven't done anything much in the last few days so I'm evening out ;)

  4. what production! Love the bag and where did you get that bright happy fabric. Love everything you accomplished. I hope you are feeling a lot happier too. we make the mistake of hanging our happiness on males. Our world should be about us and the kids and if there is a bit of testosterone around...... bonus. The more we expect in the way of support, understanding, affection, [not talking sex ] appreciation... the less we get. It's all about them.. ANY WAY, I think your dress is pretty hot. xo

    1. It's beautiful fabric isn't it? It's a Robert Kaufmann print I think.

      I feel so nice in that dress! There's something to be said for 20c vintage patterns found at the op shop!

      Thanks for your kind words and thoughts over the last few weeks, things are looking up, and I'm going ok now, thankyou xx


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