Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dear Universe

You are an arse.

A complete an utter arse.

It seems you have caught on to my UDS (Universe-Diversion-Scheme) and now see fit to punish me.

You taunted me with your twists and turns... making me think I had you distracted long enough for someone I love to gain a little bit of fleeting happiness.

You fickle bastard.

A weekend away in which I lost my engagement ring, wrenched my back and had to endure hours with The Bitch had me thinking I had succeeded magnificently.

Coming home and copping "You just don't get it" from a husband who had to deal with his child for FIVE MINUTES cemented my belief.

You hit me with the news a most treasured woman in my life had passed and I was certain I'd outsmarted you.

But no... you were just toying with me... and you saw fit to drown one of the people I love most in the world with even more hurt and I will never never forgive you.

I hope karma gets your arse.

Love Natalie.

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  1. Oh honey - not 100% sure what's happening here, but know that you are not alone and we will beat this bastard together xx


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