Saturday, 7 April 2012

Where Did She Go?

I'm one of these people that seems to drop off the radar with no warning lately.

Going along fine and then *poof* you don't see me for two days, and I assume at least some of you are wondering where I am? Maybe....

This time it's because I'm in Hicksville for the Easter weekend, and I would have scheduled some posts but I have yet to work out the Blogger time difference, and this week has been mental at best with me generally collapsing into bed at the first possible opportunity each night.

We only came to Hicksville because Tiger is staying with SuperGranny for a week of her school holidays... so I was forced to drive on the craziest weekend of the year. Very glad I chose to go Thursday afternoon, despite getting in at midnight... because Good Friday passed here in a dust storm of epic proportions leaving a film of fine dirt over anything and everything, and meaning I spent the day curled up on the couch while mum made me hot cross buns and coffee.

Today I somehow ended up baby wrangling... mainly because my kids were asleep until 8:30am, so the baby niece and I had chats over coffee and breakfast and I paid for my own ingenious gift giving by being forced to read "Where Is The Green Sheep?" a hundred times.

I also had a lot of fun teaching her to say "NAT!" while we were having our elevenses.

I will probably pay for that too but for now I'm getting my kicks out of mum's reaction to this phenomenon, as baby is yet to say anything vaguely related to "Granny" and mum is quite put out about it.

I've tested my good friend C's brownies. Both batches... with and without cream.... cold and warmed... just to be sure they were safe for others consumption. They were.

I've just been Easter Bunny *hophophop* and left our traditional chocolate and pyjamas.

I can't get the fluffy tail off so WonderMan will get a shock next time I see him.

I've been digging through the bookshelves and found one or two volumes I haven't read yet... so I think it's time to make a hot chocolate and go to bed.

Nighty night bunnies.... see you soon x

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