Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Yakkity Yak

Frog is going to be three in May, so you can imagine she talks a fair bit.

A lot.

This kid never stops!

And she's hit that delightful age where she is using more "grown up" vocabulary but doesn't always get it quite right. This, combined with her earnest expression as she tells you something obviously of dire importance, means much hilarity for us all.

Words I take great delight in hearing her say this week are:



"The Snuf-es" Yes, that's right, she can get two syllables into "Smurfs". 

"Gardaneeeeeeel" Do you sense a theme here?

At the dinner table at mums this weekend she was telling us about a gecko we found at home.

"It was a wittle lizard and it had goo-ga-ley eyes, and it's tail stayed dere but it wriggled away with just it's bottom"

It took ages for mum and I ages to get over the googaley eyes.

It's worse when you giggle and she stares at you like you've lost your mind because she was being serious and that crazy woman is laughing at her.

I love this part of the journey.

Despite the odd tantrum, at almost three she is like a little entertainment box on legs.

I wish I could bottle some of it to keep for later. 

What giggle worthy things do your children say?


  1. That is so cute.It took me right back to my girls when they were two. What a great age. Rachel x

    1. It's the best part about coming out of the terrible twos I think, makes up for all the frustration and head butting of the last year!

  2. My friend had a fantastic one from her 3 year old, who was prancing around the kitchen listening to the song "YMCA" but, in a classic case of mis-heard lyrics, was shouting, "WHYYYYY ARE WE GAY?"


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