Monday, 28 May 2012

Mondays are Stupid

Today was stupid. Really stupid. And it's still here for too many more hours.

A bit like dear old Garfield I had to take two or more goes at everything, including getting out of bed, and basic things like dressing myself.

Work is never easy on days like this. I generally get through and manage to find all my mistakes but I could feel things getting stupid when the first customer I had called me a "fucking bitch" as she walked out the door.

 If she had said it to my face I would have either melted into a flood of tears or flipped her the bird. Probably a good thing she didn't...

I felt sorry for her until she did that. 

I'm sick of feeling sorry for people.

I'm sick of taking on the frustration when I have to say no to someone and it's not what they want to hear. 

I had to do that a lot today. And it wasn't because I'm a fucking bitch. 

It's because they are asking me to do something that I can't, or they have done something stupid and they are asking me to make it better. 

When you work in the financial industry it's always going to be your fault. Even when it's theirs. And on days like today that pisses me off a lot.

It won't piss me off quite so much tomorrow.

I will be able to help someone next time I stand behind my counter in money land.

Someone will be happy to see me and give me a big smile in return.

So I keep going back. 

At the moment this job gives more than it takes out of me.

 When it's not giving anything back I'll move on.

Until then... I'll be your friendly "fucking bitch" behind the counter,  hoping yours is the day I can make today.

And a red hot tip - be nice to the people who serve you wherever you go - because you never know what someone can do for you until you piss them off and they don't do it.


  1. "takes one to know one" is a great comeback in this case.

    1. Heh... would LOVE to say that... but not biting back is a job requirement, bleh :P

  2. I have done a similar role in a past life and it used to take all my strength to keep it together. Keep that smile on your face girl - karma is a bitch!

    And totally agree... my time in that role taught me so much about patience and being nice to those who serve me...

    1. I learned very quickly not to personalise any issues I have had with any business, because the person you are standing in front of is not the one who calls the shots.

      Karma... sweet karma...


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