Saturday, 12 May 2012

Photobomb - Tiger's Tenth Birthday

With a week to go until Frog's birthday, I thought I better clear the camera and upload all of the photos from Tiger's birthday......

which was in February.....

I'm not a dedicated photographer by any means.

So I'm photobombing you with some snapshots, please don't judge my photography - my camera is old and I keep promising myself

"one day I will learn how to take photographs...... one day"

We made tissue pom poms!

We had plenty of bubbles

Super Granny getting into musical dress ups

Crazy dress ups!

All she wanted was a chocolate cake with flowers - I delivered.

Party packages for lovely girls

Baby niece discovering balloons
I will get Frog's party photos on here before Christmas, promise!


  1. I love that you have a fruit plate AND a cake :) And love that ten year old girls are still playing at dress ups :)

    1. Always fruit at our parties :) And the kids demolished the whole plate full! Amazing what "cool 10 year old girls" will do when they let go and have fun ;)

  2. It all looks so beautiful, especially the cake and the birthday girl herself! :) And I, too, am thrilled to see 10 year olds doing dress-ups.

    1. She is beautiful :) Musical dress ups are a hit with every age (as shown by the grin on Super Granny's face!)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Cate! We love parties in our family :)


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