Monday, 18 June 2012

Oh my stars where have I been?

Nowhere! That's where!

Just being my usual sporadic self.

Take three days of work that turns into four or five in a week...

Add a kiddy winter bug or two...

Splash some rain on my washing...

Mix in some minor midnight injuries...

And tack a weekend onto the end...

You get - zippo blogging, and mucho everything else.

Never mind.

 Tomorrow will come.

And WonderMan has a man cold... so I will be spending every minute at home hiding in the internets to drown out his moaning. 

If anything could drive a woman to drink it's powering through a massive week with my own man cold while listening to the sounds of a "dying" husband.

In the meantime...

I only use Facebook for good stuff - like this.


  1. I'm sick and I'm tired too. Been on holiday for 4 weeks with little access to the net so I'm out of touch. Hope you are over your flu. xo


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