Saturday, 7 July 2012

Shiny Things Saturday

I'm stealing this idea from Mrs Smyth Gets a Life, who always adds some shiny things to her FFS Friday posts. 

I also don't want you to think my life is one long combination of FFS moments. Sure I have them, and plenty! But it's not our whole lives. 

And if it weren't for the shiny things it would be a pretty miserable existence, no?

 So here's to the shiny tinfoil of life:

Forking over $60 for a haircut and realising that every cent was worth it.
Picking up a $30 Big W dress and only paying $20 at the checkout. And then looking THIS DAMN GOOD in it.
Discovering little vintage heavens everywhere I go
We live in the best wine district.
Frog has an amazing capacity for fun and laughter in the dreariest places. I hope we can never lose the fun in life.
Train days. And sunshine.
Not being able to be mad at my breakfast thief because she's so darn cute.

Finding funny stuff absolutely everywhere.
Finding out Tiger loves sewing as much as I do.

Never forgetting the simplest things can become something great.
There's plenty of shine if you remember to look.

 I just need to open my eyes.


  1. Love it! :) Maybe I'll start calling my Shiny Things Friday the Shiny Tinfoil :) xoxo

  2. I'm a Taylors fan from way back xx

    1. I love their Promised Land range, I'm trying every single one from whitest to darkest!

  3. The no Do suits you and as you wrote...well worth the $$$$. Same for your new threads... love the shiny things in life and they get us thru the dark tunnels of life. xo

    1. Thanks Lydia - I'm loving my new do too! Especially since I have conquered my blow dryer and I'm not struggling to achieve what the hair dresser did!


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