Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Get thee away from me, Mercedes!

Have you ever had the feeling that you want to go out and do something completely insane?

Like sell everything you own and some of your spare body parts and get thee down to the local Mercedes dealership... 
And pick the biggest, stateliest one of them all and drive it out of there...

Picking up some atrocious pants and a set of ivory golf clubs along the way to the seaside greens...

I have a red hot tip for you.

Complete your tax online this year.

The yearning to be an accountant with a Mercedes and a gold membership at Seaview Golf Resort will shrivel up and die while you are still half way through menu 1, part IV.

I'm using the fee I would have paid an accountant to buy two big bottles of gin.

It was worth the pain.



  1. Oh I love gin but can't complete my own tax lol - the man who does mine is some sort of magician! With 4 businesses he manages to streamline everything and get me a return super fast. I'm sure I could *probably* do it myself, but it wouldn't be worth the headache or screaming ;)

    1. The instant mine requires more than a few payment summaries and receipts it's going back to the accountant wizards I can tell you! It's more the crushing boredom, combined with the anal retentiveness that makes me read ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING just in case!

      I bought gin even though the tax man swallowed up my entire return.


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