Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Organisation Update - The Organised Housewife 20 Day Challenge

I'm following The Organised Housewife's 20 Days to Clean and Organise Your Home Challenge!

And.... I'm already behind... nuts.

Days one and two rocked! My kitchen got a much needed going over, although I was able to cheat a little in places because I happened to wipe the cupboards down on the weekend. I have been keeping an eye on them and spot wiping them as part of my morning/after breakfast tidy up though.

Frog helped me do the dishes :)

WonderMan just shook his head when he opened the cupboard and saw the space labelled "dish detergents"

Shiny happy clean kitchen!

Our bedroom has nothing much to clean, just declutter the small piles on each side of the bed where we don't have bedside tables. *SIGH*

So that took relatively little time, but I did discover a cobweb at the back of my bedhead that could have meant some nasty creepy crawly visiting me in the middle of the night, I removed that quick smart! 

A garage sale provided me with a small Ikea table which has become my temporary bedside table to hold my mountain of books off the floor. The larger table which came with it is destined to become the lounge room play table, giving us a chance to remove most of the toys back to bedrooms and back into a rotation system.

But I am afraid this is where all the shiny happy ends because I got called in to work for an extra day, and then we went away for an extended weekend. 

Today, my kitchen is telling me off for piling all this clutter back in there and I can't remember when the last time I vacuumed the floors was. Such is the life of a temp, and a mother who can suddenly find herself with a sick child on top of her weekend away.

Today has been about regaining the essential routines. 
I collected all the washing in the house and started after breakfast to ensure I got most of it dry before the next couple of rainy days due tomorrow.  

I helped the girls to follow their morning routines which made school drop off simple and stress free. (Well not quite; Tiger dumped the contents of her suitcase in the laundry instead of putting her clean clothes away and I thought I would teach her a lesson by washing it and making her put it away anyway. Turns out every piece of underwear she had was in there.... DAMN!)

I wrote a to do list of small jobs that I had been putting off for ages, like dropping off WonderMan's watch to have a link removed, and posting a couple of letters I kept forgetting. Frog and I spent a relaxed hour down in town running errands.

I'm now off to reclaim my shiny kitchen, and remove the toy cupboard from the lounge room so I can start keeping the room clean and simple. 

With Frog home this week (but not miserable anymore) after nasty ear infection on the weekend, I'm hoping to catch up with the challenge to help us regain some order, and some family time next weekend! 

How are you going with your challenge? 

The Organised Housewife

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