Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lookit what I did!

In lieu of a blog post about the amazing and inspirational things I have been part of lately... I give you Tuesday's Achievements. 

Completed between the hours of 10:30am (when I finished tidying up, put the kettle on and declared housework time officially over" and 6pm when it was dinner time.

Achievement Number One:

Frogger Shorts

This was a shirt of my grandmother's, that she gave to me while clearing out her sewing room. It is lovely soft cotton, with lots of wear left in the fabric. I had a good look at it and after a little fiddling around discovered it was just big enough to make shorts for Frog. Seriously cute!

Achievement Number Two:

Tiger Tunic

A friend gave me a lovely vintage Holly Hobby bedspread set. It came with two curtains which she had never used as they did not fit the windows in her house. So I have several metres of this beautiful soft floral fabric, with a matching pink ruffle all the way around. The bird applique is made from a small section of the ruffle.

Frog is going to get one of these tops too, she is already pestering me about when I'm going to make her "birdy shirt".

So today I began my girls' summer wardrobe, and all it cost me was a few hours and a new roll of cotton.

I also Blogged On Tuesday.

I'm such a legend.



  1. Hey well done! That's a pretty darn successful day in my book!
    Love the shorts!

    1. It was a fantastic day Jess, have not got that much achieved in a long time :)

  2. Very creative, and that Fabric is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Sophie :) I had a lot of fun making them, and my kids think they are wonderful!


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