Friday, 16 November 2012

I Made It! Huzzah!

Yesterday marked the day I could eat meat again.

It was quite fortuitous because I was a guest at a local school function including "Cook your own bbq dinner".

I had the chicken.

It was.... unexciting.

But thankfully only half the size of the steaks being offered from the led steer program.

Today I feel all kinds of awful, but I think that it is more to do with weeks of buzzing around catching up with me.

The truth is I'm just not excited about eating meat again. Maybe I just won't. 

We'll see. 

But I raised $100 from my friends and family for Save The Children Australia which is awesome. Together my work team has raised almost $1000 and they are starting a second month.

It was worth all the goofy jokes from WonderMan and co.

Now I need to go and make friends with some lentils. 

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