Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How Hard Can It Be?

Dear Business Owner

You may not be aware that I put many hours of concerted effort into my application to work for your company.

I spent a great deal of my limited time researching you and your business, matching my skills to your needs and providing relevant examples, and generally spruiking my excellent talents so you wouldn't have to read something as tedious as my resume.

I actually WANTED to work for you. That's why I put in the effort, my letter/email did not arrive on your lap/in your inbox because I am so devoid of human interaction I'll do anything for attention.

Note the past tense. I no longer want to work for you because despite all my efforts it seems you subscribe to the theory that common courtesy is out of touch with a modern reality.

I refer of course to your obvious lack of reply in any form - whether letter, phone call, email or even as a last resort a text message. A polite "thankyou for your application" was all I required. An acknowledgement of receipt.

How hard can it be?

Yours frustratedly (it is a word... Shakespeare made up words so I can too)


PS - If you are an employment agency, you should know better, shame on you.


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