Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stories on the wind...

There's nothing quite like being an Australian.

Some days it hits me how many feelings and experiences we have that are unique to us.

And by "us" I mean any person living in the great wide land.

Today was a surreal reminder of the land that shapes us into who we are.

Standing on my porch thinking "I probably won't be doing the washing today" as smoke drifted across the valley like a ghost over the hills.

The grey clouds floating from hundreds of miles away and clinging to the landscape, whispering stories of forests disappearing into flame and ash. And you stop still and listen as the country tells you it's tales.

We're born with the knowledge that in this place, we don't tame the land, the land tames us.

And when it speaks, we listen, deep down in our bones.

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  1. So lucky where we live that we can't get flooded and have lots of clearing around the house and sheds for fire. Still.... there are earthquakes.


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