Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Sillies

Some random moments of my daily life to give you an introduction to the "Mob"

Frog has become a toddler in full flight, and days with her are starting to follow a familiar program - any question I ask is "No." Any movement I make is "NO." She has even started to shout "NOOOO!" in her sleep! I get through my days by imagining  all her answers are "Yes oh darling Mummy, of course I will do exactly as you wish" and dreaming of a very large and very pink cocktail...

We have also discovered a lapse in our careful watching of "language a toddler can learn", because every time she hears someone's dog bark, or a bird tweet, or a loud car she yells "SHUT UP DOG/BIRD/CAR" at the top of her lungs

At the other end of the scale, Tiger responds to me in the politest of tones "Of course I will clean my room Mum, I love you Mum" and means "No! Screw you"


WonderMan is in a huff because I didn't label him "Captain Underpants" which he would have liked better apparently.... 

That pink cocktail is starting to look really good....

I have been cleaning my house all week but I can't tell where. I have to take my new jeans up the required four inches so I can see my feet (see The Saga of the Spanx Panties)

I have been trimmed, coloured, waxed and plucked.... and I have to get the remaining hair (the bit on my head) to do what the hairdresser cut it to do..... which generally means burning myself with my straightener, dropping the blowdryer on my toe, and using the wrong toothbrush by mistake because I'm crying so hard I can't see what colour it is.....

And to top it all off it's my 10 year high school reunion tonight. Do I look excited? No. Not at all. In fact I'm wondering if I can wear sunnies throughout the entire night and pretend I only speak Russian...

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  1. I'm absolutely dreading when Jack learns the word "No". Your "mob" sounds great.


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