Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter - I'm Outta Here!

You heard right! I'm leaving *lalala!*

Excited much? Oh hell yes.....

We are going on holiday. Proper holidays too - with activities, and SPENDING MONEY.

I haven't had spending money for years... But I have been planning this trip since New Years so I was all prepared - I've been bill busting for the last few months and now have enough free play to pay only the absolute essentials this week. YIPPEE!

No doubt all the bills will arrive while we are away and be due the day after we return, but right now I really can't find my "giveashit" gene. It's run off with the "mummyguilt" hormone and I'm prepared to enjoy the hell out of this holiday!

WonderMan has promised I will actually get a holiday this time - instead of running around after everyone else while they are relaxing.... because usually when we are on holiday food is supposed to appear and beds be made without any effort on anyone's part....

So I won't be blogging until school resumes for Term Two (South Australian term that is). Try not to hit me in the arse with the champagne cork as I leave! 

Frog is snoring on the couch at the moment after a HUGE day today - we had a playdate with our favourite cousins this morning, neatly segued into a birthday party (for which I also had to bust out the glitter tattoos!) It was just all too much and now all I can hear is a snuffle every now and then. *Awww* 

Tiger is still up the road enjoying the party.... including a hilarious game of "Pin the lips on Justin Beiber"! 

BTW: Tiger HATES Justin Bieber. During parents night at her ballet class last week, while doing warm ups the teacher played his song and I swear Tiger was ready to walk away in disgust. She's more a Lily Allen kinda gal..... also quite partial to some Screaming Jets when she wants to rock out, so the B-Boy isn't really her thing (or anyone elses judging by the fake sick noises coming from the gaggle of girls this afternoon! )

Easter is almost here! 

And I'm still trying to find a pair of Jimmy Giggle's "Hoot" pyjamas for WonderMan. Let's face it, is there a mother out there who doesn't heart Jimmy? This is a man in yellow pyjamas who can keep the kids from under our feet while we cook dinner in (almost) blissful peace and serenity. Or, if you are like me - you place a WonderMan in the kitchen cooking dinner in blissful peace and serenity while you dance along with Giggle and Hoot's funky tunes...

I must remember to write and congratulate him on the "Bird Bath Boogie" - a song I could not get out of my head with a jackhammer, but one that I actually like at the same time. Pure genius!

It's time for me to pack lots of things we don't need and happily forget all the essentials - I call it a success if we get down the road with all family members on the first try!

Have a Happy Easter - and more importantly, if you are travelling, HAVE A SAFE EASTER. Wherever you are headed will not get up and walk away if you don't overtake that truck in the next five seconds, so don't be a DD (Dickhead Driver - Tiger's favourite word) and look after yourself and others on the roads.

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