Monday, 18 April 2011

Holiday Madness

I can't wait for school holidays to be over...

I may actually see my kids a little more often once school has resumed!

Our holiday diary is insane. I'm fitting playdates into the only 2 hour window I have on the few days we are available for playing. I'm getting up at 6:30am to get a head start on all tasks needing to be completed, and running the kids in a schedule so tight they think they have joined the army overnight!

Not only are we taking a break to the seaside for a week, Tiger has been invited to two birthday parties, and sleepovers at her GG Aunt's and Granny's houses; I have hours of sewing to do so I can launch my new project, and need to make the girls their winter jackets; WonderMan has to work for the first week, as well as mowing, edging, weeding and generally nuking the front yard so it stays relatively respectable while we are away.....

I think you get the picture...

Absolute bedlam in other words!

No sleep ins, no relaxing days in my pyjamas.... I'm cleaning, cooking, creating and crunching.

"Stomach crunching" that is. I would really rather be "chippy crunching" but after dropping weight in the last few months and starting to feel good about myself for the first time since Frog was born, I suddenly seem to be stacking on weight day after day.... 

Holidays mean a chance to walk every single day, and pushing a pram around the local pony club oval four or five times should slim some inches off my tubby thighs, and take some of the wobble out of my bingo wings!

When term time comes my body won't know what hit it. 

After training every day of the week when I was racing sidecars (pre Frog) there was not a single wobble, unless it was my lip when I (quite regularly) dropped my dumbells on my toe...

You can imagine that with a post baby, non-sporting, can't afford a gym membership and really love cheesecake, short-arse body, I'm not feeling exceptionally healthy, or slim. The muffin top has been super sized.... and I'm freaking out!

At the end of the holidays I'm going back to DANCING, and teaching at dance as well. I will also be attending group fitness sessions - I really can't make any more excuses considering they are all held within a 200m radius of my house, and at a reasonable hour of the morning too!

Frog is almost 2 but my body seems to have gone soft on me - literally.

Stay tuned - I will weigh myself before the new regime begins, and update you on my (hopefully brilliant, but most likely really slow and agonising) progress.

Wish me luck!

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