Friday, 15 April 2011

What Day Is It Again?

Are you sure?

And what have I forgotten?

I don't know what day it is, what I'm supposed to be doing (although I suspect it's housework so I'm not trying really hard to recover that portion of my memory), or where my kids are.

I assume Tiger is at school - either that or she has fossilised into her favourite reading cushion...

Frog is possibly at daycare - in fact I'm sure she is because there are no destruction type noises coming from the house, yard or car...

 I know WonderMan is at work because he rang me to say he wasn't doing any work was temporarily held up on a job. 

 And I have missed almost a whole week of blogging!

You must be devastated.....

Oh, would you like a glass of water? You seem to have a nasty cough there.

What was I saying?

 I tend to do this a lot. Random things I forget are (in no particular order):

  • The children - what they are doing and when. Happy that WonderMan arrives home around 4:10pm, so he can casually say "Where's Frog hiding?" and I can just as casually say "Oh, I was going to pick her up at 4:30 - would you like to get her?", while trying to pretend I knew she was there all the time.
  • What I am supposed to be doing, despite owning two diaries and a BlackBerry that beeps at me every five seconds. 
  • Cakes in the oven, after the timer has gone off and I think they need 5 minutes more... I am regularly saved by WonderMan popping into the kitchen and asking if the oven is meant to be on.
  • Turning the oven off. Generally sans cake.
  • Where things are - because noone puts anything away and I have to declutter and reorganise so often I haven't got time to get used to where things go.
  • Where my friends live - rather embarrasingly went out to a friends house recently, a place I have known since I was a little girl, and drove right on by only discovering I had over-shot their driveway when I came across a major junction (10 kms down the road...)
  • Taking Tiger to, and picking her up from ballet lessons - despite being in her seventh year of lessons, on the same day each week, at the same school, and despite me having attended lessons with the same teacher for twenty odd years before that.....
  • People's birthdays.
  • Meetings
  • Things I am supposed to take to work/meetings
  • Names - including my own. A terrible affliction that my boss at the bank never discovered... He didn't realise that I never actually spoke a customers name until I had peeped at their cheque. And being Hicksville native, I was well aware of how terribly embarrassing it would be to call Mr Smith "Mr Jones" and vice versa.
  • Anything for Tiger's school. Ever. 
Yes indeed. I am the mother running up to the office at lunchtime to deliver the lunch I forgot to pack. Or the note that needed to be returned yesterday. Or my child that I only just discovered in the bathroom.

I am the woman who will be required to bring something to a get together, and despite it being lodged in my BlackBerry with appropriate alarms and beeps, written in two diaries, copied to post it's and stuck on everything including my forehead - I will still arrive and when queried about said item will be "Oh s**t.... I forgot..."

I remember everything up until the minute I need to remember it. 

I cannot shop without a full menu plan and detailed shopping list. And I still visit the supermarket every day of the week.

I read my library books in less than a week but take eight weeks to remember to return them.

I'm sure I have forgotten something important....

Despite the picture of my home and myself inside my head being super organised, always creative and completely zen about all things life - the outside is running around like a chook without a head trying to remember to actually put clothes on before I go out the door in my pink owl nighty.

Despite my love of all things Katrina @ The Organised Housewife my household is regularly running on empty, and coming apart at the seams.

Apparently it runs in my family. My mum was the same - and only seems to be making progress now she and Pa are empty nesters.  

This doesn't give me a heck of a lot of hope for the next twenty years....

I'm still forgetting something....

Never mind.   


  1. You're a bloody brilliant writer, pulling thoughts out of my own head before I've even had them. I've been so immersed in the computer for the last 3 hrs that I forgot I have a husband I'd normally want to bug at work, and that my child is 3 feet from me, because he is just too quiet with that TV on.

    Also - names are my nemesis. I can never remember what my closest friends are doing job/study wise. And every night, without fail, I burn the arse out of my frypan because I forget I turned the stove on to make the dinner I've forgotten to cook.

  2. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels like she's losing her mind! If queried about my forgetfulness I claim "early-onset-motherhood" with a chance of recovery after a minimum of 18 years!


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