Friday, 8 April 2011

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I just realised many lovely followers I have!

Well thankyou for your support, and your lovely comments (even if I haven't got back to you all yet!)

I have been feeling pretty down lately, which has been obvious from my last few pasts bemoaning the state of, well, eveything. So today, with Frog feeling better and Tiger actually getting off to school on time for the first time this year, I thought it was about time I gave myself a bit of a butt kicking and got on with what needed doing. 

I was staring into my closet this morning and feeling so defeated by the fact that I've basically worn the last of my everyday clothes into the ground. I own two pairs of jeans, and one has a rip just under the back pocket so you can see the pretty pink granny knickers I'm wearing.... I have one shirt that is not stained, or out of shape. Most of them have become sheer - which I am assured is this seasons hottest trend, but I'm not about to test that theory.....

I was having a complete freak out about my wardrobe situation.....

But then I spotted them.... 

How could I forget these? 

My dresses!

I love dresses. And skirts. And silk shirts. And accessories. And shoes. And handbags. But most definitely dresses.

My wardrobe has been slowly depleting since I gave birth to Frog. With the continuing recession in our budget, and the fact that every piece has to be vetted by the "muffin-top-meter" I just haven't been able to buy new clothes of any kind. I was still wearing my stretchy maternity tops up until a week ago when I finally decided enough was enough and I threw them in the bin. 

But my dresses are still here - as beautiful as ever.

Some I have bought because I just couldn't resist, some I have owned for years but they always make me feel gorgeous whenever I put them on, some I have sewn with my own two hands. 

And I have been pushing them aside because they are my "good" dresses, for "going out in". 


Let me count the number of party invitations this month... NONE. And oh yes, NONE last month. And probably an equal number next month too. 

We're parents. We're not superstars who live a rich social life with an army of nannies to back us up. The last function we went to was a WonderMan work thing (for which I made myself a black and white satin dress) and at which WonderMan and I were overdressed, despite it being a formal event.  I was horrified by the complete lack of effort on anyone's part. Aparently in Hicksville, formal means your new pair of jeans with a niceish top. *UGH*

So I stood out like the proverbial dog's..... 

But after a while I didn't care. Because I realised that I looked great, and they looked like bogans. 

So I've started a better way of life today.

I wore my black and white dress, which goes from day to night with a simple change of accessories. 


I received so many compliments in one day I thought my ego might get too heavy to carry... And I'm going to do it again, tomorrow and the next day....

Every day is special - so live like it is!

I've stopped saving the good china for a dinner party - nowadays dinner with a friends is a bbq where kids can be free range.

I'm going to wear my favourite dresses and feel fab every day.

I'm going all retro housewife...  wearing pretty aprons and heels to cook dinner. Making sure my hair is curled and my lippies touched up before WonderMan walks in the door.

Tonight he almost turned around and left when he got home..... "Am I in the right house? I'm sure you are too beautiful to be mine...."

*That made my day*

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