Saturday, 9 April 2011

Saturday Sillies

By the time I get this written it will probably be Sunday!

I've been putting off my blogging in favour of seriously kicking the housework in the butt. 

No, I didn't wear a dress (as posted yesterday) but I put on my one nice pair of jeans and a new t-shirt, and did my hair. Normally, I don't do my hair unless I know I'm going outside the house. It's a kind of reverse karma - if I don't do my hair surely someone will come to visit me, right?

Usually I'm wrong about this, and no doubt the one time it works it will be someone I REALLY  don't want to greet looking like a cockatoo that stuck it's head in a blackberry bush...

What was I saying?

Oh yes... housework. Wash, iron, cook, yell, sigh.... etc

I started timing myself today. By setting the timer and getting the job done before the timer goes off I don't get distracted and do part of a million jobs, I get the jobs I started, FINISHED. 

I went for a quick run around the house picking up dishes, bringing all the washing to the laundry, stripping beds, etc.

Things I learned on this dash around my house:

#1 - Everyone is sticking to the food rule - eating and drinking in the kitchen or at the dining table only. 

#2 - I am the only person in the house who either folds my clothes or puts them in the washing basket. Ditto with my PJ's folded on my pillow.

#3 - I'm still not getting through on the "Hang your towel up in the bathroom" wavelength. Damp carpets are not cool. Neither are damp corners of the bed where the towel has been draped on the bedpost so it's not on the floor therefor I can't complain..... logical in a stupid kind of way.

#4 - If it only took me two minutes to pick up papers and rubbish from every room in the house, and empty the bins..... why does my family procrastinate about the three seconds it would take to put the stuff in the bin in the first place?

#5 - We have the craziest collection of furniture I have ever seen. In fact, if I stripped and repainted each piece in my theme colours for each room we could create an ecclectic mix much like those seen in high end fashion magazines (where rich people try to look like they're poor... which I've never understood because I'm poor and I hate it...)

Fabulously stylish.... but I'd still rather be let loose in Ikea with a very large credit limit!

Tiger cooked chocolate cupcakes today, using her Granny's recipe. They are delicious, and I am finding it very hard to resist, but am keeping in mind that I need to stop munching and start ab-crunching

My mind wants to be skinny... my tastebuds say otherwise.

Frog is finally on the mend despite tummy bugs and spider bites. She is eating again - which means demanding sultanas 24 hours a day. This is as close to "normal" as she's going to get I suspect!

WonderMan was on loan today - to help friends move house. After moving house 5 times in three years, we know how much effort it takes, and are happy to lend a hand when anyone needs it. We have also had to do most of our moving by ourselves, with very little help, as friends always seeem to disappear when you are moving house, and reappear wanting to know when the "housewarming" is. 

It's almost Easter, and I'm groaing at the sight of all the chocolate in every store, and the million and one craft projects I come across every time I open a magazine. It's not that I don't like chocolate, in small dark doses, I just don't see the point of giving piles of it. It's only going to be eaten and regretted. And right now I don't have the time or the funds for fancy crafting.

With winter closing in, it's a great time of year for "Easter Bunny" to give us new winter pyjamas. The snuggly feeling lasts a lot longer than the chocolate! WonderMan better watch his cheekiness, or he's going to end up with a fluffy pink dressing gown with a rabbit on the pocket. Knowing him, he will probably wear it... especially when we have visitors... and bug me about my blue ducky one and how his bunny is much more sophisticated...

Maybe not such a clever idea after all!

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