Saturday, 2 April 2011

Saturday Sillies

Well I've had a glass of wine already... so silly is right!

This week has been long and draining, with Frog so sick she wouldn't fall into a deep sleep, even overnight, and couldn't get any rest.

That meant I was running on complete autopilot, and getting through the days using dry shampoo and shower-in-a-can because my neck ornament would not let go long enough for me to actually have a REAL shower.

This posed a few problems, housework wise. 

Jolene over at Jolene's Mumbo Jumbo has been busily dusting and decluttering this week following the lovely Katrina's task lists (The Organised Housewife). And Jolene, you thought your week was tough. So far I haven't got past task one on Monday - "Shower and dress yourself". PJ's have become the new black. I even did a sneaky sneak mid week - my jammies have a t-shirt top, and I needed milk, so I jammed on the first pair of jeans I could find in the laundry basket and did a quick run to the supermarket in (you guessed it) my jammie top and bed hair. For anyone that knows me this is almost as low as it gets - only trackpants and Crocs rate lower on the *cringe-worthiness* scale.

So now Frog is better I thought I might do some clutter busting...

I chose something simple *cough* that wouldn't take long *splutter*. I decided to tackle Tiger's bedroom *head slap*

An hour after entering the twilight zone, I had found the top of her dressing table, and had a washing basket full of stuff, and a half full bin bag.

Yes, I was guilty of it in my time too. And yes, my mother had to threaten me with the garbage bag and the age old "Ten minutes or everything on the floor goes in here" routine. So it's really just karma kicking my butt. 

But really.... does she need to keep every sliver of paper she has ever cut out of a paper snowflake? Or the little sticky stencil looking thingos that are left after you use all the stickers on a sheet? I'm sure I used to at least throw that junk away... (is that my mother I can hear snorting in the background? Probably.) 

This is as far as I have made it today, as I had more important stuff to do, like baking, and drinking coffee while eating said baking. 

WonderMan has been buzzing around happily with the lawnmower and pruning the weeds into topiary shapes so it looks like we actually pay some attention to our rental garden. 

The front is full of succulents which are not only ugly, but whose only true "gardenesque" friends are some roses someone planted ten years ago in the only nice lawny like patch, and then never pruned or looked after at all. To be honest I cried when I saw the state of those poor roses when I moved in. I have killed numerous garden plants, but my roses get better healthcare than the average Aussie. 

Besides the gardening, he's also done all the washing, tidied the house, and washed my baking dishes. This left a friend of mine (who popped over for coffee and baking goodies) turnly slightly green and wanting to know why all males of the species weren't like mine. 

Well, ladies, he wasn't always like this..... but I have discovered the secret to having your own organic, free-range dishwasher....

It's simple... but it works....

Always do your ironing in sexy undies and a killer pair of heels.... 

He will be yours to command...

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