Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stuff I Like

A tour of (some) of the stuff I like...

For no other reason than that I want to share.


I am addicted to rainbows. Have been since I was little. In fact, my mother kept one of my "free writing" books from my first two years at primary school. After you wrote about what you did on the weekend, or why you like cats... you were allowed to draw a picture.

Every single page has a rainbow on it. An attempt to get me to look outside my comfort zone resulted in a rainbow coloured cat.


See "rainbows" above. These allow me to make everything rainbow coloured because I have a slight nervous breakdown whenever a woman's magazine quiz asks me pick a favourite colour... they are also good for writing lists and ticking in contrasting colours, because I can.


WonderMan hasn't realised that Spotlight is a decoy. I go there because if I went to a stationery store I would seriously think about buying the whole business and would later be found screaming "Noooooo! You can't take the last purple Artline finewriter! It's not for sale! It's a family heirloom!" and frightening the life out of anyone silly enough to cross the door of my private heaven.

When ordering stationery and office supplies, it must be a fresh and funky design, and come in every colour of the rainbow.


Particularly this beach. I was born in a small town way too far from the beach. Going on my annual holiday is coming "home". I have salt in my blood and still have my four year old dream of living by the sea and surfing every morning.

I can't surf. I've never had a chance to learn, because a five day holiday once a year does not give me time to take serious lessons. And I seriously want to do it properly.


Specifically other people's. Because they are so snuggly, they aren't hurtling around at top speed like my toddler and attempting to break the face to floor speed record, and I can hand them back when things go pear shaped. When they squawk... back they go. And I am left with a glowing feeling of snuggly.

I'm not in any way broody. I am quite vocal in my wishes to never ever again be put in the hands of a sadistic midwife who just finished her apprenticeship with Satan. I am considering having a t-shirt made that says (in huge neon letters) "Been there, have the scars and the uncontrollable facial tics..." so people (namely the Wonder Family) get the bloody picture. But I'll happily snuggle someone else's baby for a minute or ten.


  1. "I am quite vocal in my wishes to never ever again be put in the hands of a sadistic midwife who just finished her apprenticeship with Satan."
    Haha!! That is gold. We must have had the same midwife!!

  2. Thanks Romina - possibly we did!


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