Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cheapskate Tuesday

Today I want your cheapskate ideas!

I'm still on my decluttering mission, and today I am in my lounge room. Which currently looks like this:

Can you tell I've been working a lot?
The decluttering I can manage, my problem (which I am requesting your help with) is that disgusting maroon/red wall. I can't make my living room look like I want to live in it. It's doing my head in and I cringe every time someone enters via the front sliding door, and that is the first thing they see. It's the only space in the house that I hate.

When cleaned and decluttered it doesn't look much better. The first thing I need to get rid of is the exceptionally huge and ugly tv. But even if I could afford to cover the wall in plasma screen it would still be all wrong.

To make matters worse, we rent, and I'm having trouble convincing my landlord to remove the great big dead tree that is threatening to fall on the house, let alone allow me to REPAINT the damn wall.

I will post some decluttered pictures later today, and I will be welcoming any and all cheapskate but stylish decorating ideas to help me fab up the ugliest room in the house.


  1. How about getting some canvas from the cheap shop and covering it in fabric to display. If you get 2 big ones you can hang them on either side of the tv to hide some of the wall and create a new focal point.

  2. Love the canvas idea. I was thinking of some big and smaller picture frames with either some nice scrapbooking paper or b&w pictures in them

  3. i kinda like the red... *RUN*

  4. Thanks guys, I will have to get my creative on and find some groovy fabrics to play with! Oh what a shame I will have to go to spotlight, darn ;)

    @Rose Cloe - it's not a nice red nor is it well painted. There is a shiny odd spot in a completely different red to cover a bodgy fix as well :P It is also on a long wall across from the sliding door which makes the room look narrow and strange. Will get working on some decor and make the best of it.


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