Monday, 25 July 2011

I Hate Mondays

And I'm allowed to. In fact, most of the population of the world doesn't like them much either...

But I survived today, despite Frog insisting SHE was laying in bed this morning and MUMMY was bringing her coffee....

I didn't achieve what I wanted, I haven't vacuumed my floors, and there may still be suitcases remaining unopened in the laundry because I couldn't be bothered.

But hey, it's okay.....

Here's a few more things I'm okay about today:

  • The happy dance I was breaking out when I arose from my slumber and realised "SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE OVER YIPPEEEEEEE!"
  • Putting my favourite hat on because I couldn't be arsed trying to do something with my stupid hair. For the second day in a row.
  • Pretending that me and my beanie are trendy, in an alternative kind of way..... instead of admitting I look like a dag.
  • Letting Frog rock the "rudey bum!" look (her words) all arvo with the heater on instead of making her wear pants. Free range children have the most fun!
  • Not shutting WonderMan's closet doors - which meant that Frog spent several hours climbing in and out and making a cubby with his neatly folded clothes.
  • Not mentioning it to him so when he finds his favourite tshirt all crinkly and whines I can say "How about we spend the half a second to shut the doors then hmmmmm?" in a smarmy voice.
  • Insisting WonderMan shaves before the hedgehog on his face jumps off and murders me in my sleep.
  • Deliberately misinterpreting the smouldering look he's trying on me now he HAS shaved.... and asking him to stop squinting in that odd way...
  • Drinking beer on a Monday. Because I had to drive a very tiddly WonderMan home from the city for FOUR HOURS yesterday and now it's my turn!
  • Hating dishes so much I will offer to mow lawns and walk the dog for the rest of my life instead.
  • Wishing fat women would not wear low riding jeans several sizes too small. If I want to stare at muffins I will visit a bakery.
  • Wondering if the terminally ugly should be forced to only come out at night when there is no moon. Because Mondays just aren't made for someone ugly and stupid to be in front of you in the 15 items or less lane arguing about the 5c they want back for bringing their own bag (on their head).
  • Writing up a contract and polishing my soul to ensure Frog will continue to sleep all night in her own bed.
What are you okay about today?

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  1. I really dislike Mondays too because it's a work day for me. However in saying that I get to have a coffee in peace on Mondays too so that's a great compromise!

    BTW - nothing wrong with wearing a beanie in lieu of doing your hair, think of the time you've saved lol!


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