Sunday, 21 August 2011

Because we can

We're moving on....

Not immediately, there's still so much to be organised.

But we have a direction, a way forward, and we are jumping in with both feet.

It's time to leave behind the ghosts of this place.... to give myself and my children a life free of the past.

Many people will open their big fat mouths and say we are running away, that it won't solve our problems.

We are not looking for a solution, a miracle cure.

We are looking for a way forward. OUR way.

This is the stepping stone to our future. And I can't wait to take that first step.

Some people will think we are crazy, I know our parents will. But I have grown enough to realise that is just them wishing we could be right there with them in their own loving selfish way. They will love us just as much whether we are around the corner or half way across the world.

And the best part is that this time I have TIME. Time to plan, time to pack, time to organise schools, childcare, a job.

The weirdest part is I have NEVER been to where we are going. Neither has WonderMan. We have been close, but only as a drive through to somewhere else.

I should be freaking out.

Instead I'm dancing inside.

Welcome to the future kids, lets see what we find.....

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