Monday, 22 August 2011

Good Morning Monday

And how are we today?

If you're anything like me you are wishing like crap it was a second Sunday, and seeing how many times you can push the snooze button and still get to work on time...

But apart from some general Mondayitis, I am not cranky this morning. Even after having to make Frog a second breakfast because she ate the first with WonderMan early this morning and is now shouting at Tiger that it's "Mine brekky! No Tiger eatta rice bubbles!"

Even after I had to prise Frog off of WonderMan so he could leave for work. Even though I was all "Now you know how it feels, hah!" inside my heart melted for him. It's the first time she's been clingy to him, not me, and he looked like if she said "I wuv you daddy, daddy no go work" one more time he was going to quit right then.

Even after realising I've been sick for a week, the only week I have had not working. And if you don't count lying in bed and dying I haven't had a weekend off for a month. Yesterday was gorgeous, and there I was, stuck in my car, driving out in the middle of nowhere, and being attacked by people's "very friendly" dogs. After the twentieth waste of time I quit for the day and spent time switching Frog between the swing and the "twampodeleeene!" Who could refuse when she asks with such cuteness?

I'm off to work again today, but at least there are no dogs (unless you count the lady who carries her rat dog in to say hi because it's not allowed to walk on the floors but she won't leave it outside). And it's magazine day, which means I get in first. And it will be warm, and comfy, and I will be able to talk to people - REAL PEOPLE - instead of just answering Richard Stubbs on the ABC.

And because it's Monday, and not a daycare day, I get to drop off Frog at Granny's house for the day. Which will annoy the Bitch, a lot. Which is JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT.

I may even look smug at her for no reason just to see the frown lines on her forehead grow.

If I'm having a good day I may even tell her where to go.

Because she's not my freaking problem anymore.

We're leaving, remember?


  1. Where ya going? :O i've been sick and have missed a lot...

  2. It's a secret ;) for now. you will be the first to know, I promise!


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